Low Cost Fares' Terms and Conditions for International lines

Advanced Booking

Book in advance and save! 
Many lines offer up to 75% discount on the ticket price if you buy in advance (30/45/75 days ahead): check the prices available in the “Online Booking” section.  Usually there is only a limited number of tickets, and very high season is not included. 
Booking in advance you can visit Europe at incredible prices!

Special fares for Children, Youngsters and over 60 Seniors

Are you a student? Are you less than 26? Are you more than 60? 
Eurolines offers special fares for all ages, including children! 
Choose from the menu the section that suits you best or check our fares on-line!
Special fares according to the age*:

  • children below 2 years - 80% discount
  • children below 12 years - 50% discount
  • young people below 25 years - 10% discount

Discount may vary according to the route.

For more information please email us at booking@eurolines.it or call us at +39 0861 1991900

Low Cost Offers

100.000 seats per year at a special rate.

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