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The use of transport means involves the emission of C02 in the atmosphere. Every time that we travel, for business or fun, we may follows good practices  to preserve our environment. That depends on the choice of the mean of transportation, that shall burn the less fuel possible, that means be more efficient. When we walk or we ride a bike, the emission is zero, but that's not always possible. The other means of transportation have a CO2 emission rate based on the amount of  fuel they use. Buses burn half a litre of fuel per passenger every 100 km. To better understand what's said above, the following chart shows the CO2 emission values of reference of some transport means, listed in ascending order. The gCO2 increase column underlines the rise compared with the previous mean.

Looking at the chart it is easy to understand that if we take the bus instead of the car, we avoid the emission of 162 g of CO2 per km, that turn into 40 kg of CO2 at the end of an year of work. 

Means of transportEmission factors increase gCO2


0 Gco2/km 0
Walk 0 Gco2/km 0
Underground 22 Gco2/Person per km 22
Tram 33 Gco2/Person per km 11
Bus 75 Gco2/Person per km 30
Motorcycle 90 Gco2/km 15
Plane 150 Gco2/Person per km 60
Car 237 Gco2/km 87

Bus... a SMART choice to reduce CO2 emission!

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