Cancellations/Refunds/Changes for Italian Lines

Ticket cancellation shall be performed before departure time, during office hours and going in person to the Baltour/Sena/Eurolines ticket office where the ticket was bought, or by phone at 0861.11991900 or sending an email to

If the cancellation is made before the scheduled departure time, the passenger has the right to a 80% refund on the ticket price.

PROMO or LOWCOST rate tickets' cancellation made by the passenger gives no rights to any refunds.

Since tickets are personal, the refund will be granted only to the same name that appears on the ticket: therefore no refunds shall be admitted for tickets missing passenger's first and last name, or referring unidentifiable or generic details.

Refund claims for purchased tickets must be sent via email to, or mailed to BALTOUR S.R.L. Contrada Piano Delfico – 64100 TERAMO, attaching the original ticket properly canceled, and providing the details and IBAN of the bank account to be credited.  Refund rights lapse 2 months after the cancellation date. All refunds will be performed within 2 months from the claim receipt, except for those cases that require longer investigations.

The amount to be refunded for the single way of a round-trip ticket is equal to the difference between the full ticket price and the one-way standard fare, minus fee.

No refunds will be granted if the passenger is not able to continue the trip due to his/her breach of the travel documents' regulations of any crossed countries, or due to any situations caused by the passenger himself/herself (e.g. if the passenger does not show up at the scheduled appointment after the rest stop, or if he/she has to get off the bus for personal or health reasons, or if he/she is forced to get off by the crew due to harassment or drunkenness, etc.)

Date and departure time on standard fare tickets may be changed only before scheduled departure time, within 30 days from original booking and upon payment of a 5 € fee, with the exception of standard fare tickets for  Rome/Siena/Rome route, that may be changed until one hour after the departure time upon payment of a 5 € fee.  It is not possible to change the ticket's route, line or direction.

Changes can be made by the passenger himself/herself  if the ticket was purchased directly on or, by entering the booking reference number in the "change booking" field, and paying the relative fee by credit card, or at any SISAL office, otherwise the change shall be made during office hours and going in person to the ticket office where the ticket was bought, or sending an email to

PROMO or LOW COST fare tickets can not be changed nor refunded.

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