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Baltour Group has been working in long-distance public passenger transport sector and in local bus transport sector for over 50 years. The experience gained during all these years allows us to offer the best in terms of  reliability and service quality.

Along with the parent company - whose lines cover principally the Adriatic zone - BALTOUR GROUP is formed by SENA, whose inter-regional lines represent the most important north-center-south transport system on the Tyrrhenian axis ever created in Italy, and EUROLINES, a company that belongs to an European network of long-distance international lines.

Today our Group has created the largest and the most widespread network of bus services and bus lines in Italy and Europe  Baltour Group connects regularly 17 Italian regions and 23 European countries, reaching over 500 destinations and carrying over 4 millions passengers every year.

The main headquarters are located in the modern office of Teramo, that occupies an area of over 27.000 m2, including 6.000 m2 indoor, featuring the most modern equipments. Baltour runs also Teramo city's bus service. Another important office located in Siena is likewise equipped with mechanical shop and maintenance facilities.  Other facilities exist in Avezzano and Sulmona.

Along with the operative offices, Baltour Group has its own customer care points and ticket offices in the main bus stations of Italy, like Rome, Naples, Bologna, Siena, Teramo, Pescara, Venice, Milan, Turin.


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